Personal Life

Born in Kona Hawaii and adopted out to San Diego CA,  Asthmatic loves to speak his mind when it comes to the music business. from hit songs like Lemonade and Faded
asthmatic sure as hell knows how to light up a show.

Life wasn't always the best for Asthmatic.
From being kick out on the street at the age of 17 by his adoptive parents homelessness hit Asthmatic hard. From sleeping on Tony Gwynn Dr to sleeping at work just to make enough money to make his dream a reality in the business.

After being discovered by an independant label G4M ran by the Legendary Dj Jammin J Z90 , AD Walker and Fokus the Champ Asthmatic is now back and stronger then ever being backed up by many sponsors including: Redination, Boogieflavaz, North County West Coast Radio, Redline Hot sauce
World Tuned Radio, Global City Media, and  VIP Production WorldWide.

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